Join us for our weekly dementia-friendly Reminiscence group every Friday morning between 11am and 12 noon on Zoom. 

For details of how to log into the meeting, please contact the office on 01933 677907, option 1 or E:mail

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Importance of Reminiscence

Do you remember your first day at school or your wedding day? Do you remember what your favourite sweet was as a child or who your kindest school teacher was? If you do, you are likely to recall these things with fondness and have a smile on your face when thinking about it. If someone has dementia, they may still remember these things as they are stored within their long term memories. Or, they may recall the feelings associated with them rather than the detail attached to them. For example, they may remember their favourite teacher at school having glasses and smelling of humbug sweets but they may forget the teacher’s name or the name of the school. This is what often happens when someone has dementia as they rarely lose their ‘feelings’ memories but will likely lose their ‘factual’ memories.