This group is designed for people experiencing persistent lung function and breathing difficulties. Peer Support & relaxation/fun activity who are experiencing what is called Long Covid or Long Haul Covid. You may be aware this is a series of symptoms that many people continue to experience after they have had Covid-19. The symptoms include fatigue, difficulties with lung function and breathing, stomach problems, hearing problems to name but a few.

The criteria for this group is that people must be experiencing persistent lung function and breathing difficulties, this criteria is really important.
Members will have access to Dr Rob Gale our Breathing Space GP, The Pulmonary Rehab from the Re Start team, Access to any session within our Empowered Patient Programme run by Dr Rob Gale and to be able to access Breathing Space guest speakers and any of our social groups.

This group will meet twice a month on the 2nd (in person) & 4th (online) Monday of the month.

To find out more or to access the COVID Group, contact the office on

01933 677907, option 5 or [email protected] 

Link to Kicking Back Covid leaflet