This monthly meeting is designed for Carers who have recently lost a loved one - grief affects everyone differently. There is no right or wrong way to deal with how you feel and even though our circumstances may feel similar, the life we have is ours alone and individual to us.

As well as coping with the loss of the person you looked after, you may find you need to cope also with the loss of your caring role. You may feel a whole range of emotions, from relief at having some time to yourself, to guilt at feeling that way, to wanting to make some big changes, to feeling exhausted and alone and unable to do much at all. Of course you may also still be in a caring role for someone else and you are struggling to find the time to grieve.

This group will be for you, whatever your circumstances, so please come along and talk with others in a similar situation.

Our Carers Support Line can offer a listening ear and a chance to offload to someone who understands your situation, they are open Monday - Friday, For Further information on 01933 677907 option 2

For further details of this group contact the office on 01933 677907, option 1 or [email protected]