The aim of these groups is to offer peer support, education and access to health intervention with ease.

We currently have groups for those living with diabetes (type 1 and type 2), heart conditions and dementia. The sessions are informal but have a programme in place.

As an example, we have a cardiologist present at the Pumped Up group (heart) and a diabetes expert at the diabetes group.

The focus is on wellbeing as well as managing your condition with easy access to speak to the clinician – people tell us this is a positive to the groups as it avoids having to make appointments and often, they can discuss things such as medication and general changes at the group. As well as looking after our mental health, there is a physical inclusion, too. overall, a lot of fun is had as well as making friends and being informed.

Referral for these groups is via a health care professional.

For those living with memory problems or dementia – those groups are less structured but will include the same holistic needs.

People can come along to the dementia groups without a formal referral (mindful of a current waiting list). In line with the iCAN message, we aim to provide a way to best manage these conditions so that people can live well for longer and avoid unnecessary visits to their GP or hospital.