Bereavement is extremely difficult for everyone however for unpaid Carers their caring role may be central to their identity. To meet this need we will provide specialist group support for former Carers including a wellbeing workshop approach and fostering informal peer support networks.

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In over 25 years of supporting unpaid Carers and Young Carers we are aware that bereavement can be extremely difficult period; more so than the general population. The reasons for this vary to the individual:

  • To many Carers their caring role is central to their identity.
  • Carers may be at a different stage of grief to relatives if they have been providing close personal care for a loved-one.
  • For many Carers, their support network may be directly linked to their caring role.

How we're looking to help

Formal bereavement support often is not available for six months despite the special circumstances seen by Carers. We are not looking to replace this however we will provide a complementary programme:

  • This will include group support with the opportunity for 1-to-1 conversations
  • They will follow our Wellbeing Workshop programme for Carers. Focusing on understating grief, identity and wellbeing.
  • Fostering of informal peer support networks providing ongoing and sustainable support.

How you can help

During the Christmas Challenge, donations via the Big Give website will be doubled. If you are a UK taxpayer, gift aid can add an extra 25p for every £1 you give. Donations can be as small as £10 and will be doubled up to a total of £2610.

We are aware that this year donating to any charity is especially difficult so truly appreciate any support. Thank you.