When we are referring to the term ‘Carer’ we mean informal Carers – those who are unpaid and look after a friend or family member with a disability or long term illness such as dementia, out of  a sense of duty and compassion. We offer support to Carers regardless of the size of their caring role or whether they are the sole Carer or doing so as part of a wider family support network. Some Carers receive the benefit Carers Allowance but many do not and we do not differentiate between them. We are also happy to provide advice to those who are not in a caring role currently but feel that they may be in the future.

Caring for a loved-one with dementia can be a challenging and emotional experience. Northamptonshire Carers are her to support you if you are a Carer. We offer a listening ear through our Support Line and social outlets at our Cares Café’s as well as many other types of support.

There are many myths about dementia, some of them are addressed here.

Your right to a Carers Assessment

We also have a team of workers who can assess your individual needs as a Carer. This does not judge your ability to care but provides a chance to consider your needs and put a support plan in place for you. Carers have a legal right to a Carers Assessment so please contact us if you want to discuss this further.

We hope this information is of use but please remember that you can contact us regardless of whether you want an in-depth assessment, need a listening ear or want advice.