Here at Northamptonshire Carers we are grateful of all the support we receive. There are 70'000 carers in the county and we see this as 70'000 reasons for us to care. We have launched our Friends of Northamptonshire Carers membership which by donating a small regular amount, you could allow us to reach many more hidden carers and provide services such as our choir, young carer activities and support groups.

For over 30 years, Northamptonshire Carers have supported carers of all ages in the county. We work tirelessly to put carers on the agenda of the County Council and NHS as well as deliver services to around 15,000 Carers ourselves. Please click hear to read more about what we do and why we do it.

We can't though continue to provide this support without donations. Friends of Northamptonshire Carers asks for either £20 per year or £2 per month. Relatively small sums but when added together, could make a huge difference. If you like, you can donate more but you are under no obligation to so.

£50 allows us to run our choir for a week
£120 pays for a Carer to benefit from 6 weeks of relaxation therapy
£350 covers the running cost of our holiday lodge for a week
£1700 pays for a coach trip for 50 Carers

We appreciate we already ask a lot however we are wanting to open out Friends of Northamptonshire Carers beyond those who have brilliantly supported us in the past and would welcome those who are not carers themselves.

  • We would welcome companies, large or small becoming Friends
  • Former Carers, no longer receiving services but wanting to support other carers
  • Is a loved-one a carer and you want to show your support?
  • Buying a Friends membership can be an excellent birthday or Christmas present for a relative

As well as our gratitude, Friends of Northamptonshire Carers will receive an individualised certificate of thanks.

You can sign-up by clicking on the blue donate button at the top of this page.

If you are wanting a different name on the certificate - such as if bought as a gift - then please click on the link below so that we can get the details right

Our fundraising promise:

  • We appreciate that many carers sacrifice their own careers and income to provide care. We will never pressurise any carer to donate to us, regardless of income. If you cannot afford to donate to us, please do not do so.
  • There are free ways that you can show your support to carers, such as volunteering or simply sharing one of our social media posts.
  • Becoming a Friend of Northamptonshire Carers will not influence who receives services - they will be provided regardless of whether you have donated or not.