Needs and aspirations

Needs & Aspirations is a project facilitated by Nene Valley Community Action (NVCA). This project gives a wide range of activities for Carers both training and leisure.Read more


Safeguarding is a term that describes keeping someone safe who needs extra support doing so themselves - this can include a child or an adult with additional needsRead more


Mindfulness involves learning how to meditate and breathing exercises that can help if you are in a stressful caring situation.Read more

Holistic therapies

Learn relaxation techniques to continue with at home, have a nice relaxing Reiki Treatment, which is a Japanese technique for stress reduction that promotes healing and well being.Read more

Peer support

We provide a peer support service to Carers who may need a little bit of extra support for a short time. All of our peer support workers are or have been Carers themselves so they have a good understanding with a lot of the issues that Carers may face – they may also have faced similar experiences themselves.Read more

Gym membership

Northamptonshire Carers have purchased a number of memberships around the county, including swimming, jacuzzi, steam rooms, specialist activity classes etc. in various leisure centres, health clubs and hotels.Read more