Volunteers Week: 1st – 7th June 2020


As a charity that supports the 70,000 unpaid Carers and Young Carers in the county, Northamptonshire Carers are using national Volunteers Week to say a massive thank you to our wonderful team of volunteers. Northamptonshire Carers are reliant on over 100 volunteers, including Carers Champions, Trustees and local Rotarians to support Carers of all ages across the county.

Much needed help includes delivering group support, befriending, our Carers Sitting Service, awareness raising and helping provide Young Carer activities. Volunteers have also been key to the coronavirus response, providing virtual and telephone support as well as delivering essential supplies to Carers who are isolated and caring for those most vulnerable in society.

Carers though also get benefit from volunteering from connecting from others to simply having fun. Volunteers Joy & Stuart Sykes describe what volunteering for Northamptonshire Carers means to them:

"My husband, Stuart, and I have been volunteers with Northamptonshire Carers for just over three years now. When we first had contact with the charity we knew very little about them, other than they supported people caring for a family member.

During our three years we have learned so much, and are still learning about all the diverse and very varied groups supported by the Carers, from the very young to the very old and every age group in between. It's only when you get involved with a charity of this kind that you realise how many areas of our society need help from support groups, and the many benefits that are available.

Support groups are there to get help and advice if you are a carer; support for a long term health problem; dealing with mental health problems; understanding issues resulting from dementia – the list goes on. The groups provide not just information and advice, but friendship, support and meeting people who are in the same situation and who understand exactly what help and advice is needed. Sometimes all people need is a listening ear, a cup of tea, and the realisation that they are not isolated with the situation they are in.

We have seen first hand people coming to a group for the first time, feeling very low, isolated and having low self-esteem. Gradually friendships start to evolve, people are socialising more, joining other groups and, best of all, having fun. (In fact, in one of our groups we were all laughing so much we were asked to keep the noise down)!!

We love our volunteer roles and always feel supported by the staff we work for. They always make sure we are OK and we feel appreciated and looked after. The roles are also flexible, so if you feel something isn't quite working out there is always the opportunity to change.

Friends say to us that we are so good doing what we do. But our answer is always that we feel we get so much more back – we meet lovely people, have lots of fun and are rewarded by seeing some people's quality of life improve.

We are proud to be volunteers with Northamptonshire Carers."

 -Joy Sykes, Volunteer


Northamptonshire Carers are very proud to have Joy, Stuart and more than 100 other volunteers on board.

Northamptonshire Carers are very lucky to have the most amazing team of volunteers who are at the very heart of our services – helping and supporting a huge range of projects enabling our unpaid Carers to get the support and service they deserve.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact 01933 677837 or [email protected]