To mark Carers Rights Day, Northamptonshire Carers held a listening and carers engagement event at Moulton Community Centre. It was attended by nearly 100 Carers, Young Carers and professionals who got the opportunity to raise the matters which are important to Carers In Northamptonshire. 

We received positive feedback on the day and the event also formed part of our Annual General Meeting where Trustees signed our 'Wellbeing Pledge'.

We pledge to continue to encourage Carers and their families across Northamptonshire to take care of their mental health by thinking of ideas that work for them and sharing these to inspire others.
Through the Winter months when people can feel more low and isolated we will use groups and social media to ask individual Carers to make and share a pledge as to how they plan to look after their own mental wellbeing.
While it would be great if everyone could do something for each of the 5 ways we know this is not always possible, it is about the individual finding what works best for them and what they can build into their lives.

Trustees of Northamptonshire Carers

The local NHS media team were also in attendance and recorded the video below. Thank you to all who attended, your views will help shape our plans for 2020 and beyond.