Carers Voice needs your support

Carers Voice aims to improve the services available to carers by seeking carers’ views and opinions and making sure they get heard. By joining Carers Voice you can share your own experiences with other carers, learn more about what support for carers is available, and raise any concerns or issues you have as a carer.

We are a county-wide organisation and feed back our members’ views to the Carers Partnership, where they can influence the planning and provision of carers’ support services for the future. If you look after someone now or if you did in the past, no matter how much, how often, or for how long, we can help you get your voice heard, and work towards getting carers a better deal.

Working closely with Healthwatch Northamptonshire we want to know what areas you believe need improvement.

We rely upon a community of carers that we can reach electronically with short questionnaires that are appropriate to their particular experiences of care.


The more members we have, the louder our voice and the further it carries.

If you want to help and have an email address through which we can reach you please send your name and contact e-mail to Natasha Mansukhani: [email protected] or phone 07856 875132 

Carers Voice meet every month to discuss any current issues that affect Carers on both a local and national level in a safe and supported environment. Our Members include Carers looking after someone with any form of disability, long term illness or who is frail/elderly and from all age groups. New members are always welcome.

Usually meet on the second Thursday of month (except December) 10.30am - 12.30pm. at the Queen Eleanor Newport Pagnell Road, Wootton Northampotn NN4 7JJ

9th January 2020 13th February 2020
12th March 2020 9th April 2020
14th May 2020 11th June 2020
9th July 2020 13th August 2020
10th September 2020 8th October 2020
12th November 2020  

A leaflet can be found here