Infections Monitoring Training

    Do you or the person you look after have a long term condition?

                 Could you, or they, be at risk of urine or chest or any type of infection?

                             Do you want to try and prevent an avoidable hospital admission?

New service to help prevent you, or the person you look after, from being ill with an infection that may result in an emergency admission to hospital. 

This could prevent a life changing/life threatening hospital admission.

Why is it important to identify & treat an infection early?

Infections in people with long term conditions are very common and can have a major effect on health and independence. If identified early enough infections can often be simply treated without the need for hospital admission and can avoid problems including: –

  • Increased confusion
  • Changes in behaviour/increase in agitation
  • Increased risk of falls
  • Increased disability and dependency
  • Family distress
  • Changes in care provision & medication

You, or the person who supports you, will be able to measure:

……… and learn how to enter results on to a simple web-based system which works out how high the risk of infection is and advises on what action to take.

If the risk of infection is high, the system will send a message to a health professional, who will make contact by phone to ensure action is taken to get a diagnosis and any necessary treatment as soon as possible..

The benefits of this project include:

  • Helping to prevent avoidable life changing illness or hospital admission
  • Knowing what is ‘Normal’ so subtle change can be spotted much easlier 
  • Building confidence and expertise

 For Dates and to Register for a Training Session – Click Here

Please Note:

We are also looking for Infection Control Champions willing to promote the project and possibly interested in training and supporting others.

For further information or to talk with the project lead, Louise Shaw on Tel: 01933 677837 or mobile 07785 335809