Early Detection of Infections Pilot

    Do you or the person you look after have a long term condition?

                 Could you, or they, be at risk of urine or chest or any type of infection?

                             Do you want to try and prevent an avoidable hospital admission?

This is a pilot to help prevent you or the person you look after from being ill with an infection that may progress resulting in an emergency admission to hospital. 

Northamptonshire Carers are working together on this important pilot with Health (Nene & Corby Clinical Commissioning Groups), MiraLife (the company who first tested the idea), and other partners

We would like to find 1,000 people willing to take part in this potentially life changing pilot.

Why is it important to identify & treat an infection early?

Infections in people with long term conditions are very common and can have a major effect on health and independence. If identified early enough infections can often be simply treated without the need for hospital admission and can avoid problems including: -

  • Increased confusion
  • Changes in behaviour/increase in agitation
  • Increased risk of falls
  • Increased dependency
  • Family distress
  • Changes in care provision & medication

Simple step by step training will teach you to measure:

You will be shown how to enter measurements onto an easy web-based system.

Why you?

You and/or your carer are the true expert.  This Pilot will give you the extra ‘tools’ and knowledge you need to help you focus on those elements of a long term condition that are treatable and can be safely controlled.

The benefits of this pilot include:

  • Building confidence & expertise
  • Improving your ability to talk to health professionals in a confident informed way
  • Developing an understanding of what is ‘normal’ and help you spot subtle change
  • Help to access early treatment to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions

Click here to download the leaflet

The contact for this project is: Louise Shaw  tel 07785 335809